Yellow Chord Audio specializes in audio production for video games, media, and projects of all sizes.  Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Yellow Chord Audio provides original music, sound effects, and voice-over production tailored to the client’s needs.  Our approach to producing high quality, engaging audio includes an emphasis on communication, collaboration, and reliability.  Yellow Chord Audio, operated by composer Troy Strand and sound designer Topher Pirkl, is equipped to serve the needs of your project from start to resounding finish.


Utilizing industry standard digital music production equipment, recording capabilities, and extensive music and audio training, Troy Strand’s ability to hone in on the tone and mood of your project will be evident right away.  Ranging from lighthearted and whimsical orchestral tunes to uptempo, intense electronic cues, his wide range of styles will fit whatever musical need you may have. Topher Pirkl’s sound effects are not only expertly recorded and edited, but professionally implemented into the game engine, saving time and dramatically improving game quality.

Yellow Chord Audio provided music and sound effects for A Druid’s Duel by Thoughtshelter Games. Here is what the industry has to say about it:

A Druid’s Duel contains a professionally composed soundtrack and recorded music that fits each scene well. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.”
Gaming Cypher

“A Druid’s Duel does provide a small selection of whimsical musical tracks, which fit the bright and colourful art style perfectly. The sound invokes an upbeat medieval style, unlike the dark musical score most medieval ventures possess.”

“The music in the game is utterly phenomenal, and fits the atmosphere perfectly.”


Do you need video game music and sound effects? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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Troy Strand, Composer

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Topher Pirkl, Sound Designer

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